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The Airmite is a high performance professional focused real time monitoring device. It use is designed for consultants.


This unit is a robust, accurate and reliable tool for precise and accurate air quality and indoor air quality monitoring. The prime users of this unit would be consultants  and end users who need to ensure the data they download is useable. This unit has been co-located with national reference standards 


Monitoring capabilities including:

  • Pm 10
  • Pm 2.5
  • Pm 1.0
  • NO2 Nitrogen dioxide
  • CO Carbon Monoxide
  • O3 Ozone
  • TVOC Total volatile organic compounds
  • choice of other gases - please ask

Other feature include 

  • Relative Humidity (RH) & Temperature (T)
  • GPS
  • 4G wireless connectivity
  • Ask about solar options 

Unique algorithm to correct dust & gas measurements for rh and temp. Battery back up facility.

Downloading data is simple. Data is downloaded as a csv file with as either a 1min ,15min or 1 hour average. 

call 07799626406