WELL, Indoor Air Quality and Air Quality Monitoring

For Some time now we have been working with our partners at SCS to provide an a professional, affordable, real time remote monitor. 

However, there is little point in producing such a monitor if it is not accurate and affordable. We have now achieved of very very important milestones.#

  • We have an Mcerts Accreditation 
  • The instrument has be co- located against UK reference standards by NPL
  • We have produce our own corrective algorithm to provide highly accurate results

What does this mean for you

  • Simple to set up
  • 4G connectivity
  • Fast sampling rate ( 1sec)
  • Remote Data- anywhere in the world
  • Small, lightweight and robust (2kg)
  • Measures Dust ( PM10,PM2.5 & PM1)
  • Measure Gas at ppb level
  • Has Google GPS 
  • Measure relative humidity and temperature
  • Two models -Airmite and Airmite Mini
  • Airmite Mini dust plus one gas(PM10,pm2.5, pm1 plus one gas at ppb level from (CO,NO2,NO, SO2,TVOC, H2S
  • Airmite -dust plus 4 gases

Where has this been used:

Purchased and used by the British Antartic Survey, Section 61 monitoring in London Boroughs. Local Authority Monitoring. Survey Monitoring of North and South Circular. Indoor Air Quality Testing - Cleaning of buildings using high performance filters