Home Air Quality

Within our homes there are a number activities that can give rise to an increase of pollutants inside our home.

Obvious ones include: a log burning fire or a gas hob or gasfire. However other sources may not be as easy to consider: Dust from your vacuum cleaner. Fine particles from cleaning sprays or deodourant. This can manifest itself as fine particulate and NO2.

VOC's Volatile Organic Compounds. These are hydrocarbons. Basic hydrocarbons include methane and ethane. More complex voc's may occur in furniture and carpets together with preservatives such as formaldehyde.  Be careful with online real time formaldehyde only monitors. We supply high quality UK manufacture monitors for formaldehyde.

Trans-boundary dust and gas monitoring. Depending on your location it is possible and often probable that odour from particulate and gas can ingress into your property. Real time monitoring can help you to build a picture as to what is coming into your house